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The Tactical Review

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PostSubject: The Tactical Review   Fri 12 Feb 2010 - 0:38

Tactical Warfare

The Tactical Warfare for {SA} will consist of the following:

You may sign up and become enlisted into the "tactical section" of the clan. A ranking system inside TAC will be designed to show your level of skill, commitment and maturity, and choice of weaponry. Since people are better with different weapons, you will be assigned to the weapon of your choice, in the subject of snipers only (SO), and all weapons (AW). You may also enlist into both divisions of the tactical section, but be sure to train hard in both.

There will be no tryouts regarding your entry into a tactical division, instead we will decide whether you deserve the position, or maybe give us time to think it over. Considering the Snipers Only (SO) division is used only if the clan we are facing is a Snipers Only clan, we will focus mainly on the (AW) division considering there are more (AW) clans as it is more popular.

The Divisions consist of the following:

All Weapons (AW) Snipers Only (SO)

I encourage everyone to apply for these Divisions. If you do, you will be the only ones involved in clan scrims. (Doing well in scrims may increase your chance for a promotion!)

Thanks, and I hope everyone likes the new format for the Tactical Section of {SA}.


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PostSubject: Re: The Tactical Review   Fri 12 Feb 2010 - 0:56

TY for the chance to help out! I'll do my best! OK first off we NEED a list of players who are interested in this! I will start a thread for ppl to put there names down!
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The Tactical Review

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