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Why you should post here

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Why you should post here Vide
PostSubject: Why you should post here   Why you should post here I_icon_minitimeFri 9 Jul 2010 - 17:37

Well this has to be said first:


If your having problems with your friends or family, dont worry about {SA}, COD4, or any other bullshit. Just get to taking care of the problem whatever it may be. It can be something small or something big. Just give us an estimate for about how long you will be gone for. If you want to you can tell us about what is going on, but it is YOUR business and not ours, that is your choice to if you wish to tell us or not.

The only thing we ask for is that you just give your guess for how long you will be gone do to the situation.

A couple other things to add:
You dont have to only post here just because of a bad situation that you have to be gone for. Post is you will be gone for a good thing also. An example would be if you have a girlfriend and you have lots planned.

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Why you should post here Rambolhv
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Why you should post here

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