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Application for Sh4dowK1ng (Rejected Due to Inactivity)

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Sh4dowK1ng (Rejected Due to Inactivity)   Sat 17 Dec 2011 - 7:44

{SA}CP| Jacen Kast wrote:

Your comment there about SA being noobish is wrong in the sense that you have requested and put an app to join us but you are going to put {SA} down like that, Bothers me that you would say that.

with that being said I have not seen this person on if not rarely and Forum even less.

If that was meant as a joke and everyone that was present at the time of this Screen shot feels that way I will say I am Sorry and that I just misunderstood that comment then, But only then.

{SA}CL|ghost wrote:
Nope I remember that comment well. In fact it had taken me back a bit, but since everyone is entitled to their own opinion I had left it at that. I took it as he must be having a bad day or something, but for sure did take note to it nevertheless.

{SA}MG|Kain wrote:
An {SA}Rct. Member must be in the {SA} clan for at least 2 months before even being considered to receive the rank of private. This will weed out the Rct. Members that are not willing to commit to {SA} by being a recruit for a specified time. Once the two months have been deemed served the newbie (Rct. Member) will be reviewed then welcomed by a ranking ROE member and/or CROE member to the {SA} clan. At that point you will be asked to change your tags to a ranking private status. Once the private status has been achieved the {SA} member can then request an official ranking promotion.

To me, {SA}Rct|Sh4dow has not showed as much interest in a clan as he should. As a Rct, stated above by kain, 2 months is to weed out Rct's not willing to commit. Shadow has had more than 2 months, almost 4 months, and still has not shown his willingness to commit.

Considering the forum activity, this is an automatic no.
{SA}CL|ghost wrote:
C-1) Come on really, everyone should have more then 25 posts! I mean if you can't even place more than 25 post then why even join a clan? New rule if you try to apply for a promo with less then 25 posting messages, your application will be rejected on the spot. So when Admin is viewing ones Promotion request this will be just one more thing that will be looked at when regarding advancement in {SA}.
12 posts. Barely close to halfway.

Now take into consideration server activity. 7 hours of gaming time since Early November, and taking off his Recruit tags, when no one has told him he can do so.

If this isn't enough to deny his application, then i dont know what else to do. When you dont take the time to put some effort into your clan, during the most crucial part of recruitement, then what can be expected of you when it doesn't matter.

I am against giving him extra time to prove himself, he has already had more than enough time. Recruit since August, almost 4 months to prove himself, unintentionally double what is normal.

I do not advocate for a retry application.

Wubb Wubb
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{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member
{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member

Age : 23 Registration date : 2009-03-10 Number of posts : 1109 Location :

PostSubject: Re: Application for Sh4dowK1ng (Rejected Due to Inactivity)   Sat 17 Dec 2011 - 18:03


You application to join {SA} has been rejected due to inactivity on both the forum & server.
along with the fact that you decided to take off your Rct. tags, then took off your {SA} tags entirely

{SA}*5|CROE|Rambo Cool Cool

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Application for Sh4dowK1ng (Rejected Due to Inactivity)

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