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The new Gallery

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Sniper Academy Clan Leader

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The new Gallery Vide
PostSubject: The new Gallery   The new Gallery I_icon_minitimeFri 1 Jan 2010 - 1:59

As you may have noticed, we have a Gallery now. It is dedicated to those who think they can hack on our servers.

Anything you upload that isn't related to it will automatically be denied.

With that said, if you have RCON, take PB screenshots on both servers, ONLY if you think someone is hacking, but keep in mind, that PB takes a max of 3 in 10 minutes, so screenshot wisely. If you try taking more than 3 screenshots, PB won't take them. You'll have to wait 10 minutes (PB screenshot folder only accepts up to 100 screenshots for some reason).

Also, if you take screenshots on {SA}1, let me know (I'm the only one with access to that computer). If you take them on {SA}2, let me or Krono know.

The command for PB screenshots is this: /rcon pb_sv_getss

If you don't have admin priveleges, just record the person you think is hacking, and then send me or Krono the video file. To record them, just type /record *Persons name here*. You CANNOT use spaces. It won't work with spaces. When you're done recording, type /stoprecord.

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The new Gallery

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