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{SA} Does not tolerate Hackers

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Sniper Academy Clan Leader

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{SA} Does not tolerate Hackers Vide
PostSubject: {SA} Does not tolerate Hackers   {SA} Does not tolerate Hackers I_icon_minitimeMon 2 May 2011 - 2:30

{SA}RTFM|Sinful wrote:
I have made a new rule for applicants;

We run background checks on mostly everyone that plays on our 1.7 server, so, if you are on Punk Busters MBI database as a registered hacker, your application will automatically be denied, you will be banned from the forum, and also ALL {SA} servers.


{SA}RTFM|Sinful wrote:

Sounds like we will have to crack down from now on, and not allow ANY exceptions anymore. Anyone who has a PB ban for any reason will be banned from our servers, except for {SA} members who have already had their names cleared, and if ANY {SA} members are caught with hacks, or have a PB ban after March 1st, 2010, you will automatically be removed from {SA}, and IP/GUID banned from our servers FOREVER. There will be no "oh, I don't know how that happened, I never hacked" bullshit. I've had enough of that, and don't care for it.

/end rant

Please take note of Sin’s comments that if you are caught cheating you will be banned from the forum and/or server with no questions asked. {SA} does not discriminate when it comes to this issue, meaning that the rules apply to all non and current members alike.

If you feel that you have been wrongly accused of something you did not do and have no clue to why Punk Buster had banned you. May I suggest that you appeal the ban at the Punk Buster website http://www.pbbans.com/index.php.

If it happens to be me that has banned you then you can find all the information of the ban in the post listed below:

Here is a list of error definitions that Punk Buster has on their site and the resolution to the errors.

Cheat/Hack Violations:
When PunkBuster detects a cheat or hack by repeated positive identification on a player's computer, a violation is raised. These violation numbers are 50000 and higher. Families of cheats are listed below. Resolution: Remove cheats and hacks from the computer.

#50000s - Aimbot
#60000s - Wallhack
#70000s - Multihack
#80000s - Gamehack
#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers
#100000s - Speedhack
#110000s - Autofire
#120000s - Game Hook
#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack

PBBans Cheat/Hack Violations:
The following are violations that are unique to PBBans only.

Generic CVAR Scan (GCS) - Partial or full match of a cheat CVAR.
Generic BIND Scan (GBS) - Cheat CVAR found in players key bindings.
MD5 Cheat File Match (CFM) - MD5 signature match to a known cheat file.

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{SA} Does not tolerate Hackers

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