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Ranks and their MEANING

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Ranks and their MEANING Vide
PostSubject: Ranks and their MEANING   Ranks and their MEANING I_icon_minitimeWed 19 Aug 2009 - 5:15

Basic ranks of the clan are as follows:

0. Recruit: This rank is designed for people that are awaiting confirmation into the clan.

An {SA}Rct. Member must be in the {SA} clan for at least 2 months before even being considered to receive the rank of private. This will weed out the Rct. Members that are not willing to commit to {SA} by being a recruit for a specified time. Once the two months have been deemed served the newbie (Rct. Member) will be reviewed then welcomed by a ranking ROE member and/or CROE member to the {SA} clan. At that point you will be asked to change your tags to a ranking private status. Once the private status has been achieved the {SA} member can then request an official ranking promotion.

1. Private: The lowest rank in the clan, and what you start out as. These are members that are constantly being viewed by all members to check for certain characteristics to benefit the clan. (This may depend on if you get promoted). Privates are designated by just having {SA} in front of their name.

2. Corporal: The 2nd rank in the clan. These are members that have been promoted and their skill and maturity is recognized by our members. This rank will hold a bit more authority in the clan and their views will obviously be considered. Corporals are designated by having {SA}CP| in front of their name.

3. Sergeant: The 3rd rank. This is the middle of the ranks. It has good authority over the clan and is viewed as a loyal respectful rank and knows the rules. It enforces the rules on the servers (and it puts the lotion on the skin!). Sergeants are designated by having {SA}SGT| in front of their name.

4. Lieutenant: The 4th rank. This is a semi-high rank. This rank is one of the few in charge over the basic ranks. This rank knows how to handle immaturity, and knows how to act at that situation. This rank always follows the rules and keeps things in line. Lieutenant's are designated by having {SA}LT| in front of their name.

5. Captain: The 5th and last rank. Highest of the basics, and borderline Elite, this rank is in charge of the servers. This rank removes those from the server that cause disturbances and enforces the rules without difficulties. Captains are designated by having {SA}CPT| in front of their name.

Privates, Corporals, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains DO NOT have the ability to recruit, they are only allowed to back people's applications. The ONLY people with the permission to recruit are CROE/ROE members.

*5: -5 Slots- As an *5 member, you are viewed as a skilled and loyal member, and are highly respected. You enforce what you can. You are the best, and most skilled players of the clan. *5 is a badge showing you earned to be the best of the clan and viewed at that. *Not a rank*. Their tags may be {SA}*5| or {SA}*5|*rank*, or {SA}*rank*|*5|. To even consider this you will have to have the rank of Sergeant or higher. Also in order to obtain this rank one will have to challenge the top team members such as earning a sash or a belt in martial arts. Of course the members that obtain this title must be reminded that it is not a rank but a tag that shows you are one of the best of the best in the {SA} clan when it comes to sniping.

*Warning: At anytime the *5 tag can be removed due to inactivity or someone better than you or your behavior to others after obtaining this title.

ROE: -2 Slots- As a Recruiter of the Elite, you will do various tasks for your CROE and higher ranks. You are simply a secretary. You know what to look for in new members, you know how to explain things to members and get them to listen, and you know what to look for in general.

CROE: As Chief Recruiter of the Elite, you judge who makes it into the clan or not. The final say basically goes through you. You enforce all of the rules and keep things in check. This spot is third to being one of the highest ranking spots of {SA}. To be able to be in this spot you must be able to give a lot of your own time to {SA}. A ranking CROE must perform multiple tasks on the {SA} Server and {SA} Forum.

MG: Is a special honor; this rank is to show ones loyalty and tenor to the {SA} Clan by giving them a rank of ranks. MG = Major General which is a highly respected spot to the member or members that had been here long enough or loyal enough to obtain. An MG is still an Admin of {SA} and must perform all the necessary admin details when in regards to keeping our servers in check. They carry all passwords needed to help maintain the server(s) and are asked to help out our ranking CROE(s) and ROE(s) when asked too.

CL: (Clan Leaders) To obtain this spot in the clan you have to be the loyalest of them all and mature enough to know how to regulate others respectfully. A leader does it all and oversees all. A leader perfoms all tasks that are needed or asked of (him/her) and will if need be make a final decesion on ones stay with the {SA} Clan. The leader has the abilty to host one or multiple servers for their Clan. The Clan leader will "Enforce" the {SA} rules at all cost.

~Cain ~Sinful ~ghost

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Sniper Academy Clan Leader
Sniper Academy Clan Leader

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Ranks and their MEANING Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ranks and their MEANING   Ranks and their MEANING I_icon_minitimeFri 18 Jun 2010 - 7:25


So you think that you’re a bad azz sniper and one of the best in the {SA} sniper clan? Well prove it, by attempting to obtain the *5 Tag which will surely determine if you’re indeed one of the best of the best.

Please review the ranking definition above about the *5 tag.
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Ranks and their MEANING

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